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A View of the country round Boston taken from Beacon hill : shewing the Lines, Ridouts & Different Encampments of the Rebels also those of his Majesty's Troops under the command of his Excellency Lieut. General Gage, Governor of Massachuset's Bay &c &c. These Drawings are most humbly inscribed to Colonel James of the Royal Artillery by his obliged Servant R.d Williams

View from Boston looking south, with British soldier holding a bayonet standing by a cannon in a battery on top of Beacon Hill in the foreground, Boston rooftops seen beyond the palisade and Castle William at left, Dorchester Point and Dorchester Neck in the middle, and Dorchester at right in the background

We Are One: Richard Williams, a British lieutenant stationed in Boston during the siege, created these watercolor landscapes of the Boston countryside. In his journal, he described Boston as "well built." But he observed that Boston suffered from neglect and had "grass growing in every street." Williams drew five landscape views providing a panoramic perspective from Beacon Hill. The first depicts a soldier looking toward Dorchester and Castle William (labeled "2"), which Williams described as having "a noble appearance."